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Precision enology
Understanding the power of your terroir


We are changing the way grape growers and winemakers understand their environment by providing a tool to increase quality and better differentiate from the others on the market. You will have accurate diagnostic information of a vineyard block and will be able to make the most appropriate and optimal decisions at the right time to get the best product possible.


Get precise information with which you’ll enjoy the viticulture knowing the characteristics of the terroir and all its capacities.


Detect, identify, quantify and compare all microorganisms related to the winemaking process that exist in a vineyard.


Find out how rich your soil microbiome is and how these microorganisms interfere or help in winemaking.

Precision enology
Biome Makers technology


WineSeq® is a digital platform based on the patented technology of Biome Makers. It provides a comprehensive soil analysis service: the geolocation of the analysed soil, the terroir characterization and the determination of the wine microbiome. Our technology analyses the microbiology of your vineyard to understand the impact of the microbiome from soil to bottle.

Precision enology
What is the study for?

The microbiome

The microbiome of your terroir is in symbiosis with your vine’s roots, and produces chemical products to protect the fermentative community that reaches the grape, impacting its flavour, aging profile and other characteristics of the wine. Our mission is to know and understand the behaviour of microbial communities in different production processes and make this information accessible to producers so they can act accordingly.

Precision enology
Precision enology

A step beyond the standard
of the wine sector


Precision enology

8-prevencion PREVENTION

· Detect soil problems early that could affect the health of the plant.
· Anticipate future problems in the vineyards and wine that could affect their quality.
· Prevent problems to improve production and reduce costs.


· Enable the role of the winemaker as “conductor”.
· Stabilize  wine profiles, with more terroir identity and more character.
· Guide the desired nuances to obtain a better wine.


· Precision Enology to know and understand the microbiome of your soil and grapes.
· Highlight the characteristic properties of your terroir.
· Detect the microorganisms involved in any part of winemaking.
· Know and objectively value the economic potential of your vineyard based on soil quality.

Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology
It's very simple

How does it work?

Its use is simple and practical. Once you have joined the WineSeq® Club, we need only a small soil sample to analyse in our lab where we will get a complete profile of the microbiome, used as a biomarker to make our recommendations.

1. After joining WineSeq®, you will receive a sample collection kit by mail.

2. Go to your vineyard block and collect a small sample of soil. It is very easy. Simply avoid taking rocks or other components.

3. Use our APP to track the location of the land and provide some details that will help us customize your WineSeq® experience.

4. Send the samples back to our lab. You will receive the results via our smartphone or table application or web portal.

And more to enhance your WineSeq experience!

· You will have access to Wikibiome, a complete database where you can find information and bibliography of important microorganisms for viticulture and winemaking.

· And of course, you will have at your disposal our results service advisory and technical assistance.

Precision enology
Precision enology
Precision enology

Join us!

WineSeq Club

With your subscription you are contributing to microbiological biodiversity research and the development of our Community.

Be part of the WineSeq® Club, a group of organizations and institutions that are interested in a deep study of the influence of microorganisms in their winemaking processes.

You will be able to take advantage of the personalized attention of the entire WineSeq® Team, which is going to provide you all the benefits that come from club membership.

The WineSeq Club goes further:

· Microbiome Test. A complete and personalized analysis using our Data Intelligence to discover your unique microbial communities.

· Expert support for a better comprehension of your results.

· Access to the WineSeq® Community and our Wikibiome, a database that will provide you a complete learning about the wine microbiome.

· Specialized material.

· Invitation to WineSeq® events.

Precision enology

The Club subscription includes personalized advice from our expert team, complete information about disease treatments, priority attendance to unique events and access to tailored communication and testing discounts. The WineSeq Club membership renews yearly. Furthermore, you will be contributing to WineSeq Open Community and Research and Development in wine microbiology.






Access to all the information related to the different species of microorganisms that influence the production of wine and vine diseases.

12-asistencia-tecnicaTECHNICAL SUPPORT

Our team of experts will answer your questions. You can also ask for additional tests.


Discover the individual influence of each detected microbe in your sample, with useful information to predict and prevent problems and increase quality.

14-test-microbiomaMICROBIOME TEST

Get full fingerprint of the microbiome thanks to our advanced DNA sequencing technologies.

Precision enology
The first global community of microbiome related to wine

WineSeq Community

Share your scientific knowledge, solve your doubts and discover new points of view.

Precision enology

Wine Expert. Segovia, Spain.

“I minimize more than 40% the risks, avoiding to apply subsequent treatments.”

Precision enology

Austin Peterson, winemaker. Ovid Wine
Saint Helena, California, USA.

“A great tool in understanding how we transform our grape juice to something more sublime.”

Precision enology

Jesús Jiménez. Winery Operations Manager. Valladolid, Spain. Burdigala.

“WineSeq® helps us monitor the implementation of the indigenous yeasts we use in our fermentations.”

Precision enology
WineSeq adapts itself to your needs.

Do you need a larger study?

Talk with us about your project and we will advise you. We not only analyse your vineyard soil, but winemaking samples as well. Contact us for information on the microbial dynamics in your grapes, must or wine at any time of winemaking process.

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