The pharmaceutical company opens its third innovation center to group the most promising startups in the Ag-Tech business.

Biome Makers, Inc. is the first startup chosen by Bayer Crop Science for its new incubator hub located in Sacramento (California). The US company founded in 2015 has been selected for the activity developed in the field of microbiology applied to agriculture, as well as for disruptive technology and market approach.

The company becomes part of CoLaborator, the new innovation center that Bayer inaugurates in collaboration with the Greater Sacramento Economic Council to welcome the most avant-garde startups and to promote development in the ag-tech industry.

So far, the company was located in San Francisco (California) and Europe both locations with their own offices and laboratories. After the agreement with Bayer, Biome Makers moves its laboratory from San Francisco to Sacramento, expanding its headquarters, which is a big step for the company expansion. Its founders, Adrián Ferrero and Alberto Acedo are proud to receive this news: “We are excited by working with Bayer in CoLaborator and establishing our headquarters in Sacramento. The facilities are fantastic and it allows us to continue growing beyond viticulture and wine where we currently have a key position, and expand the knowledge and application of our technology on the microbiome to other crops. “

CoLaborator is the third incubation space developed by Bayer Crop Science around the world. The one from Sacramento will join the two already established in San Francisco (CA) and Berlin (Germany). The new facilities will offer 3,000 feet of space for startups with the potential to use Bayer’s testing fields and greenhouses.

“Collaborative innovation in agriculture, we believe is absolutely essential. We are at a really exciting time where there is a lot of new discovery and technology around food and agriculture,” Bayer Crop Science Global Research and Development leader Adrian Percy said. “The Sacramento region is the perfect place for our CoLaborator to nurture startups and allow Bayer to discover new technologies, Greater Sacramento has proven to be an important partner for us to achieve that goal.”



About Greater Sacramento Economic Council

The Greater Sacramento Economic Council is the catalyst for innovative growth strategies in the Capital Region of California.

About Bayer Crop Science

A division of Bayer’s Biologics group, focused on innovative biological pest management solutions. The site houses Crop Science’s center of excellence for research and development in this area, making Bayer a leading company for research, development and production of microbial-based crop protection products.

About Biome Makers

Biome Makers is a Smart Microbial discovery startup specialized in identifying and understanding the microbiome, providing comprehensive analysis of agricultural and industrial processes. Biome Makers uses the power of DNA sequencing to provide detailed insight and recommendations that allow their clients to improve the output of their fields and the quality of their products.

The first application of the technology developed by Biome Makers, Inc. was WineSeq®, a tool destined to the promotion of sustainable viticulture from the identification of the microbial communities that inhabit viticultural soils. After more than three thousand samples analyzed in eighteen countries, the purpose of the startup has been renewed and oriented to the expansion and development of the technology in other crops and geographical areas.