Welcome to the new WineSeq portal.


Based on your important feedback, we’ve launched a new interface with the features you asked for to help you most easily obtain a complete and useful report on the microbiome of your terroir.

With this improved version you can more quickly and easily get results on and recommendations about all the microorganisms on the soil of your vineyard and understand what you should consider doing about the “micro-winemakers” affecting the health of your plants and the quality of your wine.

Access the portal and explore the new advantages applied to your samples. It will surprise you!

Discover what’s new:


Interpret your results and find easily:

– Your list of registered samples.

– Your potential plant diseases.

– Your potential fermentation risks and benefits in your vineyard.

– A map of your samples.


New tools now at your disposal:

Better inform your winemaking decisions toimprove your wine.



Access to Wikibiome:

Take part in the largest global community for wine microbiology. Consult info on all the microorganisms related to wine, including those involved in fermentation and vine diseases.


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