It is time to think about the summer, on holidays before the vegetative cycle of the vine ends. It is the time to decide whether we are going to sea or mountain, or if we undertake a trip to another city or another country. These are simple decisions that involve our free time and the people around us.

We unfold the sails of our freedom, we navigate towards bearings where the countdown is a decisive value for the harvest from August and September in the northern hemisphere.

Do you remember that day in which we started our professional path in a winery or a vineyard? The moment when the harvest began was marked on the calendar. It was a sense of nervousness and impetus as the metaphor of surmount a mountain after an arduous and patient ascension.

We begin with the analysis of maturation indices and the definition of the analytical values of degree, pH, acidity and IPT. We will perform the graphs and apply the workflow to which we are accustomed to optimize the beginning of the harvest and select the plots that we will harvest first according to the sensory profile of the wines we want to elaborate.

The objectives are key to a successful harvest. We refer, and as Duke Ellington would say when asked what jazz was for him: jazz is not what, it’s how. The same happens with the harvest that culminates the vegetative cycle of the vine. It is not what, the harvest itself, but how it has happened and how we have guided the vines to obtain the grapes we are looking for, the grapes later fermented and that we will drink from the following year into a bottle.

The parameters that will lead us to the achievement and optimization of the harvest are on the one hand the physical chemical values and on the other hand the microbiological values. The first are the ones we use today and help us define the times and quality of the harvest. The second one will lead us to a higher technical dimension.

We will be able to define the microbiome of our soils before the harvest, the microbiological power of the plots or microplots before the harvest. Where are the yeasts or bacteria that favor fermentation? In what part in the vineyard?

At Biome Makers we have developed WineSeq, a unique tool that will help you to establish a precise zoning of the vineyards in function of the microorganisms so that you can shout: Harvest is coming!