It is common knowledge that microorganisms are everywhere and play essential roles in the development of all living beings. They have a key function in soil sustainability and in promoting a more productive agriculture. The vineyard microbiome is no less important and it is full of species that constitute the unique properties of your terroir. How can you know them? WineSeq® is the answer.

All we need is a sample of your soil, vine, grape or juice. You just have to order your samples from our online shop, choose the tests and in a few days the sample kit will be at the given address. Collect your samples according to the instructions you will find in the kit, it is an easy process. For instance, soil test tubes require three spoonfuls of soil from the same vineyard unit: one from the middle of the vineyard unit and the remaining two from random locations. The distance to the vine trunk must be 12 inches (30 cm) and the depth must range between 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm). Send us the samples and complete the required data so that we can have all the needed information.

In a few weeks, you will receive the results of the analysis. But, what happens during all this time? When the samples arrive to our lab, we perform DNA extraction using genomic techniques. After creating the library and do the final sequencing, we are able to identify the microorganisms present in your vineyard, vines, grapes or fermented juices. Our expert team translates the genetic data into comprehensible information using Artificial Intelligence. At last, we show you the sample results in a graphic and understandable way through the online WineSeq® Portal. Apart from the sample results, you will see diseases, treatments and microbiome diversity of your vineyard.

But this is not the end. Join the biggest and ever-evolving Open Community in agriculture for microbiology! Discover our digital platform based on the patented technology of Biome Makers and access the WikiBiome, the largest information source about grape varieties, vine diseases and wine-making microorganisms when you become a member of the WineSeq® Open Community. If you are passionate about sustainability and environmental health, do not miss the opportunity to join us completely for free!