This week arrives full of novelties. We have just launched the new WineSeq shop, with a great variety of services that fit your needs. This way, the microbial communities involved in winemaking processes won’t be a secret for you.

When you access the shop, you will find four new categories where our services are classified: soil, plant/grape, fermented and club. That’s how you will focus on the test you’re looking for. Do you want to know in depth the new tests?

Soil tests

  • WineSeq Test: discover pathogen microorganisms and fermentative species existing in your vineyard soil. You will also know disease risks, fermentation potential and display the results on our toolkit.
  • WineSeq Lite: know the fungal species present in vineyard soils associated with vine diseases and grape rot.
  • WineSeq Biosustainability: do you want to learn about the effects agricultural products have on your vineyard? We evaluate the plots from its initial to the final stage, as well as the study of the applied treatment.

Grape or plant tests

  • WineSeq Test: as the soil test, it includes the analysis of pathogen microorganisms and fermentative species existing in grapes or vines. You can also display the results in our toolkit.
  • WineSeq Lite: this study focuses on the fungal precursors of fungal diseases that affect grapes and vine. You can download results and display them on the map.

Fermentation tests

  • WineSeq Test: are you looking for a complete microbial analysis of both yeasts and bacteria in fermented liquids? Do not hesitate, this is your option.
  • WineSeq Yeasts: get to know the presence of yeasts during fermentation, with an absolute quantification (cells/ml) of the fermentative species
  • WineSeq Implantation: discover the effectiveness of an inoculated yeast strain during the fermentation process, with the percentage of implantation.

WineSeq Club 

The Club subscription includes personalized advice from our expert team, complete information about disease treatments, priority attendance to unique events and access to tailored communications. Not a member yet? Join now!

An easy purchase process!

The purchase process is simple and user-friendly. Once you have chosen the services, add them to the shopping cart and select the quantity. You can see the purchase subtotal at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve completed shopping, click on “Shipping” to choose the address where you’d like to receive the sample kits. It is possible that a warning message will appear if several addresses are registered and you’re at the wrong store. Select a valid address or add a new one. Choose the billing address and click on “Payment”.

On the next screen you will see an order summary and the payment information. Complete the required details and click on “Pay”. That’s all! You’ll receive an e-mail confirming the order and in a few days you’ll get the sample kit. Remember that if you have any doubt or problem during the process, you can write us through our contact form and we’ll help you.

Now you know all the new products, choose the one that fits your needs and improve your vineyard and wine with WineSeq!