Problems in your vineyard? Your vines may show an unexpected aspect or development and the reason can be found in the microbial community present in the soil of your vineyard. A WineSeq® test reveals all the pathogen microorganisms and fermentative species that affect it. Would you like to know an example of its application? Continue reading!


A small production and high-value winery that makes wines from selected plots in Napa Valley.

The study

The WineSeq® team studied the drone images of the winery and serious problems were detected in different locations of the vineyard. We visited the plot to evaluate the visual aspect of the vines. They showed anomalous growth and the manager of the winery informed us that the yield had diminished over the last two harvests.

The conclusion

The vineyard was divided into subplots according to the results obtained from the drone analysis. A WineSeq® test was performed in the soil of each plot to detect the microbial community present in the vineyard. The results showed the presence of pathogens associated with Black Foot disease. The disease was present in the plots of the western area and a correlation was established with the data obtained by the drone. We established a biocontrol plan and the application of Trichoderma.

Through the combination of drone image analysis, WineSeq® testing and customized recommendations, the winery recovered the damaged plots and only lost 20% of the production that vintage.

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