The song “These boots are made for walkin” by Nancy Sinatra was an aesthetic revolution in the world of video clips in the late sixties. A melody that catches your attention when you listen to it while every muscle in your body dances to the rhythm.

The movement on a dance floor, a beach or the soil of a vineyard. What do we look for when we dance? Relax, promote awareness of our body and how it interacts with others. If we get that connection, we will feel free to learn and communicate new emotions.

We love what we are doing. Viticulture and how we find our favourite dance floor in a vineyard. The movement to one side to the other of the dance floor, the one we see and the most unknown.

Can you imagine knowing and identifying a microorganism that is dancing to the rhythm of our wines on the dance floor? We do. We like to think of a wine, its sensory profile and how we are able to guide the practices in the winery and viticulture to obtain our technical objectives. Our starting point: the microbial community or the microbiome that moves in a particular plot of the vineyard.

The soil is in a continuous movement, the microscopic life we know thanks to the unique technology that we have developed in Biome Makers, through which we are able to travel to the depths and identify the genome of the microorganisms that influence the development of wine soils, and monitor microbial communities that influence the winemaking process.

The quality control and differentiation the potential of a vineyard is determined by the influence of the most primitive part of life, and how we relate to that tiny tribe, knowledge of the genetic footprint, the dance floor, is decisive for the interpretation, valuation and valorization of the fermentative and sanitary potential of our productive system.

The process seems complex but it is as simple as correctly pronouncing WineSeq, the name of our technology. How does it work? We start with the direct analysis of DNA and the identification of the species using ultrasecution techniques. Subsequently we do a bioinformatic analysis and the comparison of the results with techniques of Machine Learning and Big Data, and finally, the visualization, showing the results in the online portal that can be consulted anywhere in the Planet .

If you like dancing, move to the rhythm of a unique dance, the dance of microorganisms.