The grape variety chosen to make wine is one of the most important factors that affect its flavor. But not only that, how and where they are grown or what occurs to them in the cellar is also key to the final taste and smell of wine. Microorganisms also play an essential role to characterize wines. Do you want to discover why?

Let’s take Pinot Noir variety as a reference. It is one of the most prized wines in the world and at the same time the grapes are very difficult to grow. It is original from France –where it is associated with the Burgundy region – but also grown in California and Oregon (USA), Germany, Italy and Australia. Pinot Noir has thin-skins and low levels of phenolic compounds that result in lightly colored and light bodied wines, but highly perfumed.

Knowing the organoleptic profile of a variety is very easy with our Flavor Toolkit. As you can see in the picture, Pinot Noir has a medium-high acidity and great reminiscences to red fruit, floral, herbaceous and earth aromas. When tasting a Pinot Noir wine, you will sense cranberry, cherry and raspberry flavors, joined to mushrooms, roses, violets, forest floor and clove aromas.

But what happens when there is a flavor modifier yeast in your wine? It can change completely the aromas and define another wine. For instance, Hanseniaspora uvarum raises the characteristic red-berries and floral aromas from Pinot Noir and maximizes its acidity. Lachancea thermotolerans, for its part, enhances floral and herbal flavors, decreases the red fruit, adds more acidity and body to wine and reduces its astringency. Microorganisms are very important during the development of grapes and they shouldn’t be ignored when defining the organoleptic profile of a wine.

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