As many of you already know, the role of microorganisms is essential for soil development and sustainability. They have a key function in nutrition cycle and plant defense: they digest nutrients and protect plants against pathogens and other diseases, so they also help to establish defense systems. At the same time, microorganisms cushion the effects of climate change, droughts, floods and soil erosion.

However, we are now at a point where soil microorganisms have stopped doing their function or even disappeared, and there is a global depletion of soil and a great impasse of crop efficiency. The soil has been destroyed with the use of fertilizers, pesticides and the lack of organic matter. If we want to have a sustainable healthy future for the humanity, it is important to focus attention on the living soil, since it is where we grow our food. Human health is directly related to microbial activity developed in our body, and this last comes from the microbial activity present in food.

At Biome Makers, we are committed to agricultural innovation of the future and we do it from the life of the soil. The combination of advanced genomic techniques of microbiologic identification and our proprietary systems of intelligent computing allow us to promote a more productive agriculture, always respecting the environment. The technology developed by Biome Makers enables to evaluate the real effect of any agricultural practice or any applied product (fertilizers, stimulants or pesticides). Likewise, we can diagnose deficiencies, problems or special characteristics of soil functionality in any crop.

Committed to sustainability and biodiversity

Our technology also eases to understand the role of soil microbiome, in other words, how the totality of microorganisms that inhabits a determined place reacts. With it, we can raise awareness of the production and proper use of phytosanitary products, reducing its application and maintaining the continuity of soils life. At the same time, we are establishing a compromise with the environment and the future of our planet through the correct management of a sustainable agriculture that allows for suitable efficiencies and guarantees the worldwide food security.

Biome Makers leads the change towards sustainability in the field of agriculture. To get it, it is essential to improve the food quality and avoid soil diseases. That’s how we will maintain ecology and biodiversity of our soils and, consequently, human health.