Prepare your vineyard for pruning and avoid wood diseases

After the leaf fall and with the arrival of cold weather, the vineyard starts its dormancy period. The moment when winegrowers begin to think about the pruning. It is a critical stage since the quality of the following months’ production may depend on this process. That’s why it is essential to highlight the importance of the vineyard’s state during the previous period of pruning.

Wood diseases are one of the greatest concerns of winegrowers and enologists since they cause severe economic losses. This kind of pathologies can affect both young and old plants and are inflicted by the fungus that alter wood internally, producing even the death of the vines.

Therefore, this is the best time to evaluate the health status of the plants and the microbial population of the soil. Detecting fungal species that cause diseases like esca, Eutypa dieback or Black Foot and prevent their effects is possible with WineSeq® test. The microbial population of your vineyard can reveal the microorganisms responsible for deficiencies in plant development or dark spots.

Do you want to know an application case of WineSeq technology on the vineyard wood?

The vineyard where Pedro Ximénez is grown presented several areas where the leaves did not experience adequate development. Dark spots in the wood and an incomplete flowering, or millerandage, were detected. Symptoms of mildew and Gray rot in the affected zones also appeared.

The vineyard was divided into plots according to the symptoms detected in the vines and the vines’ age. A WineSeq® test was carried out in the soil of each plot to identify the microbial community present. These results showed the presence of pathogens associated with the fungal disease of the vinewood Eutypa dieback. The degree of severity was 100% and included a complex of pathogens associated with Yesca, Plasmopara viticola and Botrytis cinerea.

The study demonstrates the effectiveness of the WineSeq® testing in the differentiation of pathogens associated with wood diseases. Based on the analysis obtained from WineSeq® reports, the winery knew to plant a new vineyard saved the cost of replanting vines.

If you want to avoid problems with your vineyard, order now a WineSeq® test to detect the microorganisms that affect it. That’s how you will know the diseases that may be affecting it and solve the problem before the pruning.